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Reedley Professional® is manufactured in the USA by Zotos International, Inc., owned by Shiseido Group.


Over the past several years, Zotos International, Inc., has invested in the installation and operation of wind turbines as an alternative source of electricity to help power the Geneva, NY plant. Wind power is one of the fastest growing forms of new electricity generation in the US. Zotos has invested in this technology to reduce our reliance on fossil-fueled energy, and increase our use of clean, renewable energy. In 2011, two 364-foot wind turbines were installed in Geneva, securing a spot on the 2011 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 20 On-Site Generation list. By implementing this project, Zotos also earned recognition by the American Wind Energy Association as one of the 2011 top on-site wind projects currently being undertaken by a manufacturing company in the United States. 



Zotos is striving to reduce its environmental footprint in other areas as well. Plans are in place to reduce water usage, waste water generation and waste generation by 10%. This will be accomplished by implementing improved inventory control, production management and cleaning procedures.


Reedley Professional® launched new packaging created from a hybrid bio-plastic resin, making Reedley Professional one of the first beauty companies to use this new and innovative material. The new packaging is a composite of post-consumer recycled plastic and thermoplastic starch derived from plants. Unlike other bio-plastics, this plastic reduces potential contamination in recycling streams. As a result, Reedley Professional® is reducing its packaging related greenhouse gas emissions by more than 75%. Reedley Professional® also manufactures bottles with up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic, and cartons that use 100% recycled paperboard. Reedley Professional prints information on the inside of our cartons to eliminate paper inserts.


Whether we're planting trees, protecting animals or preserving our natural resources, Reedley Professionall® is (and always has been) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place.


Reedley Professional® proudly supports Reforest'Action, an environmental organization that plants trees worldwide, in the areas where they're needed most.


Reedley Professional® supports Waterkeeper Alliance in their mission to protect rivers, streams, coastlines and other major waterways around the world.

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