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How long does a Rolling Hills® traceless hair elastic last ?

The lifespan of a Rolling Hills® traceless hair elastic is longer than that of a basic hair tie. If the Rolling Hills® starts to wear out after a while, you can make it contract again by placing it in the sun, on top of a heater or in hot water.


How can I carry Rolling Hills® products in my salon ?

To carry Rolling Hills® products in your salon, please email :


What is the Rolling Hills® traceless hair ring made of ?

The Rolling Hills® is composed of the best polyurethane. This is particularly hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria, and has an easily cleaned surface.

How do I become a hair model for Rolling Hills® ?

We attend and host events all over the world and are always in need of hair models! To find model call info for upcoming events in your area, please email:

Where are the Rolling Hills traceless hair ring made ?

Rolling Hills® is designed in Newport Beach, California, USA. The Rolling Hills® are put together in PRC and undergo a quality control after production in our warehouse, where colors, elasticity and strength are being checked in order to maintain the top quality standard that Rolling Hills® upholds.


Where can I get free samples ?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free samples. If you’re interested in trying our products, please visit a salon near you.


Why do the Rolling Hills® colors look different ?

The Rolling Hills® are colored with natural elements, which is why they can sometimes vary a little.




You can help Rolling Hills® fight diversion by reporting the unauthorized selling of Rolling Hills® products. If you’ve seen any Rolling Hills® brand being sold in a grocery store, drugstore, mass market outlet, swap meet, flea market or on the Internet, please help us track the source by emailing : You can be assured your responses will be kept strictly confidential. This information will be used for the sole purpose of gathering additional information if needed by Rolling Hills®.


Is the Rolling Hills® traceless hair ring also suited for allergy sufferers and neurodermatitis ?

Due to the smooth surface of the Rolling Hills® traceless hair ring, bacteria cannot collect within the hair bobble. Additionally, the Rolling Hills® is very easily cleaned. The Rolling Hills® is therefore more hygienic than other hair ties, and is hence particularly suited for allergy sufferers or neurodermatitis.


Private label


At Rolling Hills®, we offer our remarkable R&D and manufacturing resources to help companies, stylists and salons create their own beauty products. Minimum order quantities vary by SKU. Contact us today if you would like to work together to create fabulous new products :




It’s been a few months and I’m ready to purchase a new Rolling Hills® Makeup Blender. What can I do with my old/used blender. Can I recycle it ?

All our blenders are made out of a 100% material that is recyclable. Just plop them into your recycling bin. Unfortunately we do not accept any used blenders at our headquarters.




We started the company in 2016 and there was nothing like Rolling Hills® in salons. The launching of Rolling Hills® was amazing. However, the high demand and popularity of the brand has unfortunately led to the increased production of similar counterfeit hair elastics.


We have noticed that the issue is most prominent in auction sites and small web-shops, and therefore warn customers not to buy from unauthorized sellers. We are proud to find that since our international launch in 2016 we can be found in many countries outside the USA. It is for this reason that we also make sure to watch out for known replicas and to protect our brand name with our efficient online team.


Our legal department works hard to fight counterfeits, but costumers should also be aware of a few things when buying spiral-shaped hair elastics:


Rolling Hills® are always shipped from our warehouse in Newport Beach, California for the USA and from France for Europe and the rest of the world.


If the price seems too low to be true ? So it is probably the case. Be careful of very aggressive prices and promotions.


Our Rolling Hills® packages are always branded with our logo.


If you have any questions about the counterfeit goods or if you would like to submit a counterfeit, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us at the following address right now:

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